Tuesday, 13 March 2012

5 things I Can't Live Without

Challenge: What 5 things can you not live without for your creations?

In my jewellery making adventures there are plenty of things I use, love and need but can I survive with just five things??

1. Wire, I need my wire! I can't create anything without it!

2. Do each set of pliers count as a different thing? Damn... I suppose I can ditch the flat nose...  Wire cutters, I could use my teeth? Not recommended. I most definitely need wire cutters.

3. Round nose pliers. How will I make my loops and spirals, they are a must.

4. Bent nose pliers are also a necessity, I really wish I didn't have to give up my flat nose pliers for you but something had to give.

5. Czech Glass Crystals -  I love crystals and my world would not be the same without them. Hold on. Do I only get one??? :O I'll allow myself a supply of them. It's not cheating. Shh!

I have had to leave out my beloved hammer and steel block and my mandrels - I can use random household objects to create circles and frames etc. Head pins and jump rings are luxury I suppose along with bead caps, fancy charms and those lovely little extras
When you think about it that's pretty much what I started off with. Well, I didn't have crystals I had my Mums beads she no longer used. I would be so frustrated if had to go back to such limited supplies.

If you have a hobby or a handmade business give it a go yourself. If you manage to create things with few tools/materials then try it with just three things. I challenge you! :)

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