Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Wire Wrapped Pendants

I love to design and make these 100% unique pendants. The first one I made it still one of my favourites.
Glass teardrop and Czech glass crystals
 This is one of my first and also what kick started me into following this as my signature style. I designed this pendant on paper and then brought it to life with wire which takes me between 3-4hours. The wire I use is a special high end silver plated wire which has 30 times thicker plating that the standard set by the FTC for electroplating with precious metals. I have always been inspired by wire wrapping but I want my work to stand out as something different, this is what I came up with. There are some amazing wire artists out there and it's tough to compete! If you like any of my wire work and would like me to fashion you one of your own please contact me through - Chloe Louise Handmade Jewellery Etsy Shop.
All my pendants in this style are made-to-order and no two are ever exactly the same. You may choose the design, dimensions and colours to fit your personality before I make your very own Chloe Louise Wire Wrapped Pendant. Please enjoy my collection. Please remember the items pictured are sold. They are examples to inspire you.

4mm and 8x12mm Czech glass crystals and silver plated beads
Abstract Heart with Czech glass crystals
Green fire polished Czech glass crystals and a fresh water pearl
Symmetrical design with 3 and 4mm Czech glass crystals and glass lustre teardrop.

Non-tarnish solid copper comes with a copper chain

Small Pendant with 4mm and 8mm Czech glass crystals

Largest piece I have made - 6mm faceted glass crystals 2 1/2 inches wide.

Please look in my Etsy shop to place an order, if you do not find what you're looking for please send me a message on Etsy. I would be delighted to talk to you and hopefully figure something out together! I can also be contacted on Facebook, Twitter and via email: chloe-louise@hotmail.es

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

5 things I Can't Live Without

Challenge: What 5 things can you not live without for your creations?

In my jewellery making adventures there are plenty of things I use, love and need but can I survive with just five things??

1. Wire, I need my wire! I can't create anything without it!

2. Do each set of pliers count as a different thing? Damn... I suppose I can ditch the flat nose...  Wire cutters, I could use my teeth? Not recommended. I most definitely need wire cutters.

3. Round nose pliers. How will I make my loops and spirals, they are a must.

4. Bent nose pliers are also a necessity, I really wish I didn't have to give up my flat nose pliers for you but something had to give.

5. Czech Glass Crystals -  I love crystals and my world would not be the same without them. Hold on. Do I only get one??? :O I'll allow myself a supply of them. It's not cheating. Shh!

I have had to leave out my beloved hammer and steel block and my mandrels - I can use random household objects to create circles and frames etc. Head pins and jump rings are luxury I suppose along with bead caps, fancy charms and those lovely little extras
When you think about it that's pretty much what I started off with. Well, I didn't have crystals I had my Mums beads she no longer used. I would be so frustrated if had to go back to such limited supplies.

If you have a hobby or a handmade business give it a go yourself. If you manage to create things with few tools/materials then try it with just three things. I challenge you! :)

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Magic Wire Spiders: How They Made Me a Jewelry Artist

My boyfriend and I went out for a drink in a local bar. We noticed behind the bar there were lots of wire spiders with glass beads as bodies and I loved them. We got chatting to the bar man and he showed us how to make them, with the promise that I wouldn't sell them in town. It fascinated me and when I got home I gave it a go. My first ever wire artwork was born. Well, from that moment on I was addicted. This is what sparked my interest in wire jewellery making.

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

How to: Make a Tree of Life Pendant

I have made a Tree of Life Pendant and taken step by step photos so you can make one too! As I mentioned in a previous post that there are lots of variations. This is one of many and it's fun to experiment with the different ideas and techniques.

Here's what you'll be making! I made an oval frame and attached seed beads. Its about and inch and a half long. You can make whatever shape or size you want in any colour.
You will need:
  • Pliers - you will definitely need wire cutters, round nose pliers and flat nose pliers, bent nose or chain nose pliers are handy too.
  • A mandrel - this is to make your frame. You can use anything around the house of the desired shape and size. I sometimes use a shot glass for the shape for a large pendant.
  • Wire - for the frame I recommend 0.8 (20 gauge), 0.9 (19) or 1.0mm (18) wire for bigger frames I'd even use 1.2mm (16). I'm using 0.9mm.
  • Wire - for the tree I used 0.6mm or 22 gauge. I wouldn't recommend any thicker wire because it gets a bit tough to wrap. If you would like a more intricate tree use 0.4mm (26).
  • Optional - Beads, you can add beads for interest or leave the branches bare.
  • Optional but recommended - If you can, a jewellers hammer and steel block to hammer and strengthen the frame. I know a lot of people don't have this so you just need to be a bit more careful not to distort the frame, you can always use a stronger or thicker wire as a precaution.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Earrings - a bunch of my handmade earrings

I thought I'd post the pictures of all the earrings I have made and taken pictures of so far. Not all of them are available in my Etsy shop yet but all of them are for sale. If you have a question or would like to purchase an item please contact me
chloe-louise@hotmail.es or check in my Etsy shop to see if it's listed - http://www.etsy.com/shop/chloebristow

Which ones are your favourites?
Blue Glass Crystal Earrings silver plated with 925 sterling silver earwires. All my earrings have 925 earwires unless otherwise specified. I think this is an important part of quality jewellery.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Tree of Life Necklace

A while ago I saw these Tree of Life pendants and I think they are lovely. There are plenty of variations of it and I just had to have a go at making one. I will be posting a tutorial of how I make it soon so keep an eye out.
I think they are stunning and would suit near enough anyone. I gave one I made to my Mum for Christmas because it was right up her street. She loves it. This one is similar to the one I gave her. This one is also for sale in my Etsy shop. I love the different variations go on Etsy and type in the search bar - Tree of Life Pendant. Do you see what I mean about something for everyone?
If you want to see a tutorial on how I make one similar to the picture please comment.

Follow this link to this item on my Etsy shop!  - http://www.etsy.com/listing/92816877/tree-of-life-pendant-necklace-w-moon

Take care - Chloe Louise

Saturday, 11 February 2012

I am not a Factory - I LOVE Making Jewellery

Factories don't have that personal touch, which I love in items of craft. The handmade aspect is beautiful and an attractive quality to me.
A jewellery maker has paid attention to every single detail and personally chosen and attached each bead and bent each piece of wire. A little bit of the maker's personality shows in every creation. You know what she finds beautiful and if you find it beautiful too then you have something in common with her. You connect with that item and the maker.
Why choose to buy a special item that has been mass produced and pumped out of factories when there is a whole world of artists out there who truly love what they make and this shows in every single piece they lovingly create?
I do not just make jewellery to make money. I started making jewellery for me, because I love it. I never thought I could actually love it so much. I want to do this forever. I want to share it with you. I smile at the thought of someone wearing something I have made because they like it. I want to grow and develop and become a well known jewellery artist. That is my goal and my passion.

Are you an artist? do you feel the same?
Do you love to own handmade items? What makes you choose a hand-crafted item over a mass produced one?

Take care - Chloe Louise

Friday, 10 February 2012

Introducing Chloe Louise Handmade Jewellery

My first post, all about me, who I am, what I am trying to achieve and what I do.

Firstly, I am Chloe, I make handmade jewellery in a variety of styles and materials with my own 'chloe-ness' built in. I love to use glass and crystal beads and/or quality charms along with either silver or antique bronze. I usually use non-tarnish silver plated wire but I have recently discovered a high end wire which has a very thick plating and acts like it's more expensive counterpart - sterling. This means I can create jewellery which will last for years to come and at a fantastic price! I have not actually received it yet but when I do I will review it!

I have recently set up an Etsy shop