Friday, 10 February 2012

Introducing Chloe Louise Handmade Jewellery

My first post, all about me, who I am, what I am trying to achieve and what I do.

Firstly, I am Chloe, I make handmade jewellery in a variety of styles and materials with my own 'chloe-ness' built in. I love to use glass and crystal beads and/or quality charms along with either silver or antique bronze. I usually use non-tarnish silver plated wire but I have recently discovered a high end wire which has a very thick plating and acts like it's more expensive counterpart - sterling. This means I can create jewellery which will last for years to come and at a fantastic price! I have not actually received it yet but when I do I will review it!

I have recently set up an Etsy shop
and I am very serious about making this a big time thing. I would truly appreciate any critique and input you could give me on any topic. Have a look at my shop here -

This is one of my recent pieces. The main bead is Glass, The little bead to the right is a fresh water pearl and the one hidden to the left is a glass crystal bead all decorated with Tibetan silver. They are hanging from a silver plated bow and above that is an 8mm twisted ring. I decorated the silver plated chain by including little round glass crackle beads. To be honest this is one of my favourite creations so far :)

I hope you like my blog and all the future posts I promise to make.

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Take Care! Chloe

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